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MSEA By Laws

Mountain States Eventing Association (MSEA) was the first local eventing group to form in the Rocky Mountain West. Things started when several young eventers in the mountain states of Colorado & Wyoming organized a club. Many had come from the east to reside in the college towns of Fort Collins & Laramie, but they were eager to recruit anyone in the huge western half of the old USEA Area IV. In January of 1976 the club took the unique form of a parent club with local chapters. Initially there were three chapters, because eventers in Denver were quick to join up. In those days eventing was called combined training, and the club took the name of Mountain States Combined Training Association (MSCTA, which became MSEA later when USCTA became USEA). The first registered horse trial in the region had been held south of Denver the year before. Two new registered horse trials started that first summer, making three.

From the first, MSEA advocated membership in USEA and competition at USEA registered horse trials. These two ideals, and others such as care for the horse and good sportsmanship, are declared in the Articles of Incorporation; and they are restated in the By-laws, which are updated frequently to maintain efficient working of the Association.

Eight years later there were six chapters, three each in Colorado & Wyoming; but there were other new unaffiliated clubs scattered throughout South Dakota, Utah, Idaho & Montana, nearly all of which would eventually join MSEA. An MSEA Omnibus was being published with prize lists for local clinics and cross-country rides, as well as registered events. An awards program based on criteria different from USEA's was underway. Then Area IV, with its center in Illnois about 1000 miles to the east, willingly donated its remote western half to this vigorous new group so that it could become Area IX. This was in January of 1984 at the USEA annual meeting in Colorado Springs, arranged by MSEA.

Today there are 4 chapters (nearly covering Area IX) and about 350 members (most of which are USEA members). MSEA & Area IX have joint semiannual meetings, moving around the Area and generally arranged by local chapters of MSEA. MSEA remains a Colorado non-profit corporation, dating from 1976. It is tax-exempt but not charitable as defined in CFR501c(3), so gifts to it cannot be deducted from income reported to the IRS for tax purposes. However, gifts to USEA or US Pony Clubs can be; and they may be beneficial to MSEA.

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